Itzhak Perlman

Perlman is one of the greatest violinists of his time, someone who gives classic standard works a highly personal, warm color. At the age of 13 he played Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto as if it came straight from the heart. Perlman, also known for his violin solo on the soundtrack of Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List (1993)

The talented Perlman, of Jewish descent, walked on crutches as a result of polio. A talented, but handicapped child: it may not match the ideal picture, however, it doesn't affect his exceptional playing of Mendelssohn, Wieniawski, Tchaikovsky and all kinds of virtuoso repertoire, you name it. Young Itzhak wanted to go to the United States where a big career had been waiting on him. His teacher at the Juilliard conservatory did a lot for him. She provided art education and sent him to museums.

Perlman: “Good technique is not how many fast notes you play. Good technique is how you manipulate a phrase in such a way that it gets colors, which makes it sound surprising. ” The unmistakable Perlman sound is always there: a bold and exalted sound, a seductive sound, whether it be Bach, the romance of Bruch, a bit of klezmer or an Irish folk song. Perlman's ease of play and intensity, is evidence of years and years of intense training and experience which shows that the violinist has a life supported by a powerful musical impulse which is already clear out of all the emotion he succeeds to put in his playing so well.





Top 10 Pieces

John Williams - Schindler's List

Vivaldi - Spring

Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen

Pugnani, Kreisler - Preludium and Allegro

Bach - Chaconne, Partita No. 2

Bach - Partita No. 2

Bazzini - Dance of the Goblins

Paganini - Caprices No. 1, 5 and 24

Tchaikovsky - Valse Scherzo Op. 23

Tartini - Devil's Trill