Pjotr Iljitsj Tchaikovsky


Violin Concerto in D major

Piano Concerto 1, B flat minor 

Hymn of the Cherubim

Symphony 5

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) was a Russian composer, considered one of the greatest composers of the time of high romance. He traveled a lot, was honored everywhere, but was a lonely and lonely person. He died of cholera in St. Petersburg at the age of 53. However, this cause of death is repeatedly questioned. The rumor that he committed suicide by poisoning is very persistent. The theory that he would have done this after being sentenced by a "honorary council" of former college friends on homosexual behavior. His brother Modest, who released a biography about him, is said to have attempted to keep the suicide a secret.

In addition to six symphonies, he wrote symphonic poems, ten operas (one of which he destroyed), piano works, string quartets and violin music. The First Piano Concerto, the Violin Concerto, the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Symphonies, the 1812 Overture and his ballet music (for example, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker) are often performed. Tchaikovsky successfully linked influences from Western European classical music with Russian music. His musical preferences were Mozart and Mendelssohn.