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Top 5 Greatest Pieces of Classical Christmas Music

Music may very well be the most powerful tool to showcase this. Right now, we need the Christmas spirit more then ever, which is where this music might come in helpful. Many people don't research a piece when listening to it, which is understandable. Still, there are many pieces that have such a wonderful story to tell that it would be a shame not to elaborate on them. It truly enriches a piece to listen to them with the context in which they were written. This is why we are taking a special look at the top 10 greatest classical pieces for Christmas.

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How to Practice Music Effectively, According to Science

It looks like people are quick to wave away some of the most important aspects of practice, in order to make themselves feel good about the duration thereof. Many students sacrifice so much time hitting piano keys and sliding down a cello's fingerboard, paying little attention to the sound they produce while being satisfied way too easily.

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Benefits of Listening to Classical Music | According to Science

A short paper (F. Rauscher et al., 1993), published in the scientific journal Nature would be the first to cite the so called "Mozart effect". This study involved college kids who listened to either 10 minutes of a Mozart sonata in D-major, a relaxation track or silence. The results were quite intriguing. The paper said that students who had listened to Mozart before doing their tasks, seemed to show significant improvement in their performance. This did not result in just one or two extra spatial IQ points, but it resulted in a whopping eight to nine extra spatial IQ points.

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Top 10 Most Famous Pieces in Classical Music

It is one of the key instruments with which classical music is associated which is largely due to its versatility. Composers have always loved writing for it, due to the heartfelt emotion you are able to express with the piano. Although classical music has had a bit of a dip in the modern days, the piano will always connect classical music with the general public. It has become one of its many functions and is what has gotten many people into classical music.

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Top 5 Variations of Paganini's 24th Caprice

It is the piece that has gotten so many people into classical music that there probably is no composer that even remotely compares to Niccolò Paganini. Paganini's Caprices modernize the way classical music is seen by breaking the stereotypes when it comes to classical music and the violin. It does that by showing off the techniques that gives outsiders in particular, a wow factor, even when the technical difficulty isn't that high.

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Top 10 Greatest Violin Pieces in Classical Music

After the invention of the violin in the 16th century, composers quickly picked up on the amazing versatility with which one can compose music for the instrument. The amount of sheet music written for the violin is truly astounding. It lead to fierce rivalry between composers, trying to think of new ways to compose for the instrument, and only the absolute best withstood the test of time.

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Top 10 Greatest Piano Pieces in Classical Music

It didn't take long for the piano to get recognition of its value to the musical world after the invention of its first version; the fortepiano (1698-1709). Although there had already been another instrument which works similarly to it called the harpsichord, the fortepiano was a truly revolutionizing instrument. It was played by musical geniuses like Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and it started developing into how we came to know it, now.

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Letters written by Beethoven - 1st volume

These are the first 50 letters written by Ludwig van Beethoven himself, from the collection of Dr. Ludwig Nohl.

Here are some pieces to help you on your way and feel free to click on the names to find out more of their work. To listen to a preview of what is waiting for you, just click on the audio player. You can add recommendations for the pieces themselves at the selection pages.

It is seen as one of the most iconic classical piece of music for the violin. If you're new to the world of classical music, this is a great starter. 

Eugène Ysaÿe

Technically, a very difficult piece to play. A brutal emotion of anger is expressed in a very passionate way with a great amount of virtuosity.

It is one of the most popular pieces composed by Franz Liszt and rightfully so. Liszt is known for writing the most challenging and demanding pieces in the world and here is the proof.

One of the founders of classical music as we know it today. The Four Seasons is one of Vivaldi's best known works and you're bound to know this piece by now.

By now, we are fairly used to the technical excellence of Chopin pieces but this one sets the bar to a new high. Renowned pianist Evgeny Kissin knows how to handle it and does the piece more than justice.

Dmitri Shostakovich

The piece was written shortly after two traumatic events in the life of Shostakovich. It's representative of war and it is said that shortly after the writing of this piece Shostakovich wanted to commit suicide.

Jean Sibelius

The Sibelius Violin Concerto is one of the most famous concertos in all of classical music. It includes many very technically difficult techniques and it won't bore you any time soon.

Edward Elgar

Regarded by many as the greatest cello concerto of all time. Although Elgar's recognition is limited in comparison to some of the major others, these compositions are truly priceless.