Top 10 Classical Pieces to BOOST your Studying

Published on 21 April 2020 at 23:28

Classical music has for a long time been famous for improving concentration, studying, memory and IQ. Regardless of what is specifically true, it is proven to be effective for studying. To help you with it, here are some pieces to help you on your way.

With the increasing influence of technology in everyday life, it can often be difficult to focus. In many studies it was found that sudying or working while listening to classical music improves concentration. The most striking type is baroque music, because it increases productivity in activities that require a high concentration. The background sounds that distract you fade and your body and brain literally become calmer. It is partially thought that it's due to the fact that the rhythm of baroque music is the same as that of your heartbeat.

It has also been found that math students who listened to classical music at 60-70 beats per minute (like Für Elise) scored an average of one point higher on their exam. To not bother you with researching the effective pieces, here is a top 10 ranked list.

1. Gymnopédie No. 1 – Erik Satie

I think you can see why this might be good for concentration. Its slow tempo doesn't distract you from your homework, there aren't any major changes in rhythm and melody and it's an overall beautiful piece.

2. Brahms - Academic Festival Overture

Although the piece may sometimes catch your attention during your learning session, its melodic harmony and the reoccurring theme provides a great learning environment. There is at least 10 minutes of studying you will gain from it.

3. Debussy - Clair De Lune

The four-part suite is considered one of Debussy's first Impressionist pieces. This piece is especially famous for its new timbre, effects, ingenious harmonies and pedal use which makes it a great piece for studying.

4. Mendelssohn - Songs Without Words

It is a lengthy piece that will have you covered over a long period of time. It covers a collection of 48 songs written for solo piano and although the collection is very diverse, the pieces give you a sharp focus on your work.

5. Bach - Goldberg Variations

Although bach's repertoire has a lot of action going on, the structure is quite consistent. Baroque is known to increase focus so this may be what you're looking for.

6. MozartPiano Concerto No. 23

You may have heard of the Mozart effect. The first movement of this piece is commonly pointed out to have the effect of someone being able to score about 8 to 9 IQ points higher in spatial tests. There has been a lot of criticism on this but find out if it works for you.

7. Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 in G major

It is one of the most famous pieces for cello and it's well deserved. The beautiful sound of the baroque cello together with the amazing phrasing of this performance makes you want to keep listening and studying.

8. Mozart - Sonata for Two Pianos in D major

This piece has a very fast pace. It keeps your mind active and it motivates you.

9. Scarlatti - Sonata in E Major

This piece exhaust the technical and tonal possibilities of the piano in such a refined manner that although it is originally composed for the harpsichord, many say it's even better on the piano.

10. Bach - Concerto For 4 Pianos

Performed by some of the most renowned pianists and cellists of our time: Martha Argerich, Kissin, Maisky and Pletnev. There is a diverse orchestra and the rhythm alternates. It won't get boring and it may even higher your mark.

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